Obelisk - Puzzle game, entry for the 38th Ludum Dare

Gameplay by Gamejamcurator

Obelisk - Puzzle game, entry for the 38th Ludum Dare

Go play the game for yourself here: https://orcolom.itch.io/obelisk

Obelisk is a game that was made during the 38th 3 day Ludum Dare gamejam.
This was my first time trying out a gamejam and I really enjoyed the rush.

I made all the art including the music.

Programming was done by:
Orcolom: https://twitter.com/Orcolom
Stroeckx: https://twitter.com/stroeckxie

Game info:

Obelisk is a puzzle game that is built up from 9 chunks.

Chunks have bridges that drop down when they align with each other. Two lit chunks can be swapped with each other. Some of them are linked together with connectors and can be rotated from a distance. Some have walls that divide the chunk into two parts. Sometimes you're joined by a partner and you have to get through the level together.

Your objective is to get everyone to the shrine. Some levels have multiple solutions so how you get there is up to you!

More artwork
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