Faeries Fury - Low-Poly Handpainted Axe

Faeries Fury - Low Poly Axe

Sooi cherchye 1

Full Shot

Sooi cherchye 2

Blade close up

Sooi cherchye 3


Sooi cherchye diffuse

Diffuse + 'magic' that was done on a separate plane

Faeries Fury - Low-Poly Handpainted Axe

Low poly handpainted fantasy weapon following a WoW-like art style.
I personally wanted to keep it under 1k tris just to see if I could pull it off.

My first time doing handpainted textures and I'm pretty happy with the outcome :).

Modeled in 3DS Max 2017 - 937 Triangles
Textured (handpainted) in Photoshop CC 2017 - Textures: 2048x2048
Screenshots from Sketchfab and 3DS Max

Check it out in 3D at: https://skfb.ly/6ovGB

More artwork
Sooi cherchye highresscreenshot00000Sooi cherchye thumbnail